Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Matt Niskanen and Kelsey St. James were high school sweethearts. The couple broke up when Matt signed a contract with the Iowa Stars, but reunited when Matt came back for her after signing his contract with the Dallas Stars, fulfilling his dream of one day the two of them leaving their hometown for bigger and better things.

Matt and Kelsey thought love could conquer all when they moved to the big city but that wasn't the case when the two of them unexpectedly become parents. Kelsey and Matt are convinced adoption is the right way to go but their parents tell them otherwise. What happens when Kelsey decides to keep the baby and Matt abandons the family he didn't want?

It's 2011 and Matt has been traded to the Pittsburgh Penguins. After having a talk with his parents, Kelsey agreed that she will accompany them to Matt's first game with his new team but he doesn't expect her or his son to be there and suddenly the secret he's been hiding from everyone except James Neal comes out. Will Matt step up to the plate and be in his son's life or will he give up his second chance to be a father?

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